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Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Support Clinic in Melbourne's West

Seedlings Psychology is a paediatric psychology clinic providing assessment and diagnosis, intervention planning, parent support consultation, and resources for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental and neurological conditions impacting cognition, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

We support neurodiverse children and families through:

Assessment and Diagnosis

Comprehensive assessments of child neurodevelopment at the clinic

 Parent Support Model

Take part in our effective and empowering therapeutic approach which offers flexibility 

Online resources 

Gain access to materials and resources to turn everyday experiences into therapeutic and learning opportunities 

New Clients

We welcome new clients to our practice. Please fill in the appropriate New Client form below. 

To ensure the health and wellbeing of our clients, we are taking the following actions:


History taking, Therapeutic and Problem-solving sessions

  • exclusively via face-to-face online platform

Paediatric Assessments

  • Clear waiting area with tables and chairs sanitised between each client. 

  • No toys in the waiting area - please bring textas and paper, an iPad, toy or other items to occupy your child while waiting. 

  • All clinic-based toys used in session sanitised between each client

  • Ensure your child has washed their hands in the bathroom provided before and after their session - it is age-appropriate for school-aged children to need parent prompting.

  • Strict policy that clients cannot attend if they or a family member are unwell - don't worry, we will get you back in!

Important Updates:


Seedlings Psychology will be closed over the Easter Break from Monday 6th April until Monday 13th April. Clients with recurring appointments during this time will be contacted to reschedule. 

Covid-19 Response